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Funniest Home Video Night
Description : -Have a "Funniest Home Video Night"! Invite residents, family members, to show their favorite home videos!
Instructions :

  • Sponsor a "Funniest Home Video Night".
  • Ask family and residents to bring in their funniest home movies.
  • Set up the room with a television and VCR/DVD player or a film projector and screen.
  • Set up a concession stand and serve movie concessions, such as popcorn and sodas.
  • A real treat for the residents would be some old-fashioned candy that is still available at select candy companies.
  • You could also serve homemade cookies or cupcakes.
  • This activity fosters interaction between family, residents and staff.
  • It promotes mental stimulation and initiates conversation.
  • Preview the movies for content and length, if possible, before sharing with the group.
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