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Mini King Cakes
Description : -Make these great Mini King Cakes for your Cooking Club or your residents with dementia for sensory stimulation.
Ingredients :

  • Refrigerated cinnamon roll dough
  • Aluminum foil
  • White icing - can be made out of powder sugar and whole milk - mix until you get the right consistency.
  • Graduated sugar
  • yellow, purple and green sprinkles
  • Instructions :

  • First by some canned refrigerated cinnamon roll dough.
  • Give each resident a roll of dough and have them form it into a snake.
  • Then arrange it on aluminum foil in a circle or oval shape.
  • Bake as directed
  • After they are baked, drizzle white icing on top of the baked shapes.
  • Finally sprinkle green, yellow, and purple granulated sugar on top.
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