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Card Game Pigs Day
Description : -Easy card game! Celebrated on March 1st
Materials :

  • Deck of cards
  • Instructions :

  • Pull four cards of the same number for each player out of the deck and set the rest aside (you won't be using them for the rest of game).
  • Shuffle the cards and deal four cards to each player.
  • Each player looks at his cards to see if he/she has four of a kind (same number).
  • If nobody has a four of a kind, each player passes one unwanted card face down to the left.
  • The players then look at their cards again and if nobody has four of a kind they pass another card.
  • The play continues until someone has a four of a kind.
  • Once someone gets a four of a kind they quietly make a pig snout by pushing up the tip of their nose, last one to do this has to deal the next game.
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