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Games Club
Description : -Provided by Yelena Yelizarov one of our MEPAP students
Materials :

see instructions

Instructions :

Group Title: ___Games Club_______________________ Length of Program: __45 minutes- twice a week____ Supplies/Materials Needed: A. Several Board Games(can be donated by family members) D. Prizes for monthly competitions B. Several Decks of Cards E. Tables/ Chairs C. Books on Playing new games F. Goals: 1. Socialize 2. Enjoy a variety of games, and competitions 3. Keep mind active through playing games Marketing Tool (please attach copy to form): ___ Invitation ___ Table Tent ___ Brochure __x_ _anouncement___ ___ ______________________ ___ ______________________ Room Setup: ___ Theater Style _x_ Table Set-up ___ Circle ___ Horseshoe Shape ___ _____________________________________ ___ _____________________________________ Welcoming / Introduction Script: Welcome everyone to Games Club, we meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 2. Please feel free to grab whichever game you want to play. In the left corner we will be introducing a few new games if your interested. (every week Tuesdays introduce a new game clients donít currently play) Every last Thursday of the month we hold a different competition and the winner will get a prize. Program: Task 1: Have everyone start playing games Task 2: make sure everyone is playing fairly Task 3: Have each game keep score to make it more competitive Task 4: Have clients interested learn new games Task 5: Task 6: Conclusion Script: Hope everyone enjoyed the games, and we will meet again in a few days. Number of Participants: __10-12_______ Group Leader: _____Activity Person_______________

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