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Abstract Art
Description : -Designed for residents to use cognitive abilities in following directions and using their imaginations, while achieving a sense of accomplishment. By Adrienne Baer
Materials :

  • Watercolors and brushes(a wide brush and a fine tipped brush) for each resident
  • Watercolor paper 8x10 (it could be any size that you would like to work with)
  • Handy rap or some kind of clingy plastic rap. A spray bottle of water and a cup of water for each resident and paper towels.
  • Instructions :

  • The first day the residents will need to wet down the paper with the spray bottle of water. Then apply paint all over the paper using different colors. For the first one it may be best to use lighter colors at the top and darker ones on the bottom. Make sure that the paint is applied thick enough and thin enough so you get a difference in textures and spray lightly with the water so the paint flows together and all the paper is covered.
  • Cover the wet paint with the clingy plastic rap, wrinkling it up to make different shapes and let dry for a day.
  • This can be a lot of fun talk about the different things you think might be in the pictures when they are uncovered.
  • When the paper is dry you remove the plastic rap and see the picture.
  • Now with the fine point brush, the resident can enhance anything that stands out or they can add a shape if they like. If the picture looks like an underwater scene they can add fish, if it looks like flowers you can add petals or just more color and lines. The purpose is to see something in your abstraction.
    Precautions:Protect your table from the paint by taping newspaper to the table. Have the residents bring an old shirt to put on so they donít get paint on them. You may need to point out what you see in the residentís picture to them so they can see it too.
    Adaptations/Variations: You could use this as a back ground for a photo by mounting a photo on the paper then framing it. You can buy watercolor paper cards and do this on them or watercolor post cards and send them to the residentís families just for fun.
    Leadership Hints: Providing a few examples of this will be a big help to let the residents know what you are going for. You may want to let each resident make two or more pictures to start with, to see which one they like best after the plastic rap comes off.
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