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The Naturalist Club (MEN)
Description : -Provide sensory and social stimulation, enjoyment & togetherness with fellow male residents; involves plants and animals by Anthony F. Vicari.
Materials :

  • Half-gallon empty paper cartons (milk, juice, etc.)
  • Tin foil
  • Construction paper
  • Variety of wrapping paper
  • Scissors; glue, staples; stapler, single-hole punch
  • Bird seed
  • String, yarn or twine
  • Instructions :

    Have half-gallon cartons completely rinsed and pre-cut holes in the front of each carton, so that birds will be able to fly into and out of the hand-made bird feeder. Instruct and demonstrate for male residents how to decorate the cartons using tin foil, wrapping paper, construction paper or a combination of all. Help residents who need assistance or additional support. Once bird feeders are decorated, distribute bird seed, so that all men can place a sufficient amount of seed at the bottom of each feeder. As leader of the activity, go around and single-hole punch the top center of each feeder, so that string, twine, or yarn can be pulled through each hole to hang from a tree. Have pictures and samples of other home-made bird feeders available for residents. A great way to conclude this activity is to read a story or news article related to nature and/or birds ( is a super resource). Have nature music playing in the background to help set the mood. Finally, take the bird feeders and hang them on trees all across the facility campus. Take pictures and enjoy nature!

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