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Space Pie Tin Toss
Description : -Provide social stimulation & enjoyment with fellow residents; promotes movement and range of motion by Anthony F. Vicari.
Materials :

  • Aluminum pie plates
  • washable magic markers
  • masking tape
  • Instructions :

    This is a creative way to enjoy a physical game integrated with a party theme (Space). As each resident arrives to the Activity Room, have him/her write his/her first name inside the pie plate with a magic marker. The obstacle space course has already been set up by using masking tape on the activity room floor for various “space stations”. Demonstrate the art of tossing an aluminum pie plate, so all residents can observe. Then allow residents to practice tossing their plates – this could become organized chaos, so have residents toss in pairs…trust me, it works better! After all have practiced, let the space game begin. The resident with the furthest toss in space wins!

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