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Description : -To increase attention span, to promote movement and changes in muscle energy and create positive circulatory and respiratory impacts by Erica Salamida.
Materials :

  • rhythm band materials conga drums, tambourines, shakers, symbols, etc,
  • cd with drumming and music (preferably no words), cd player
  • Instructions :

    Arrange residents in a circle. Start by playing the cd and having the residents play their instruments to the beat of the music. After the song has ended, experiment with the residents copying simple beats that you demonstrate. Have them follow you as you play different beats and play louder and softer. Do part of the activity suing no instruments, but rather use your hands and feet to create the rhythm. Play additional songs and have the residents play their instruments to the beat again. Ask for a resident volunteer to create a beat for the others to follow. Switch instruments if time allows. End the group by thanking the residents.

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