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Circle of Characters
Description : -To provide dramatic expression and social interaction among residents by Ida Newman.
Materials :

  • Index cards or slips of paper
  • pencil/pens
  • Instructions :

    Each person is given an index card on which he or she writes the name of a famous person. The leader collects the cards and redistributes them, so that no one receives their own. Each person reads the card given her and thinks about how to "become" that character. The leader then names a scenario. For example: "A bunch of people are gathered together at a dinner party in honor of someone's birthday. They mingle for a while, and eventually all sit down to dine around this table here, which has precisely the right number of chairs." You can make up any scenario you want, but it must end with everyone sitting or standing in a circle. The object of the game is this: As the actors begin playing out the prescribed scenario, each is also searching for the person who is playing the character he or she named. The idea is to end up sitting in a circle so that each person is sitting directly behind (or directly to the right of) the person who is doing that person's character. (This is why the cards must be distributed carefully.) The game is over once everyone is seated, and if the order is wrong at that point, then the team loses, so an actor who thinks someone else has made a mistake and is sitting in the wrong place must resist sitting herself until the problem has been resolved—but she must resist in character, and appropriately to the situation. Once everyone is seated, everyone reveals their characters and it is clear whether the group has won or lost.

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