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Cube Match
Description : -This game is to provide multi-sensory stimulation to both low functioning and high functioning individuals. It promotes cognitive and tactile stimulation, by Sharon Ray-Cassedy
Materials :

  • Two very large dice (Create these from soft Styrofoam, then glue 6 different shapes and objects on each side of the dice)
  • 2 rolls of quarters
  • Chairs
  • Dry erase board with markers to keep score
  • Baseball caps
  • Instructions :

  • In a large room, have the clients gather in a circle, while making sure there is enough room in the center of the circle for them to throw the large dice pieces.
  • Each resident will throw both dice three times; count the times that there is a match on both faces of the dice, such as a star and a star.
  • After 3 throws, write their name and how many times they got a match on the dice on the dry erase board.
  • Go around the circle as many times as you like.
  • For each match they receive a quarter.
  • For those who do not get a match, let them choose a hat as a prize for playing.
  • Instead of using quarters, you could use cookies as a prize instead.
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