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Chain of Thanks
Description : -To promote reminiscence, promote awareness of gratitude, small motor skills, and team building skills, by Krista Larrison
Materials :

  • 2 inch by 6 inch strips of colored construction paper
  • dark felt markers,
  • glue of paste sticks
  • Instructions :

  • Have residents reminisce, brainstorm and discuss things they are grateful for.
  • As they name their thoughts off, write the thoughts on the strips of colored construction paper.
  • After everyone has named what they are grateful for have them link the strips of paper together.
  • You will do this by gluing the ends of one strip together to make a ring.
  • Then thread the next strip through the ring, and then glue the two ends so they become linked.
  • Then hand the chain around the activity room.
  • Watch for residents who may try and eat glue, may be unable to glue and hold paper, etc.
  • Residents who are able may want to assist other residents for a sense of usefulness, use larger strips of paper depending on motor skills.
  • Have resident’s family bring small pictures or cut pictures from magazines to use in place of words.
  • The colors of the construction paper can vary to go with the holiday approaching (green & red = Christmas, pastels= Easter, etc.)
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