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Team Canvas Bags
Description : -To promote continued use of fine motor skills. Plus they will end up with a nice bag to use and enjoy by Paige Tattershall!
Materials :

  • Canvas Bag (one per resident)
  • paint (all different colors)
  • paintbrushes
  • paper plates
  • paper cups of water
  • Newspaper
  • square pieces of cardboard
  • Stencils and pencil
  • Instructions :

  • Before the activity you need to prep your bags!
  • Pick out stencils and with a pencil, trace stencil designs onto canvas bags.
  • Cut pieces of square cardboard to fit almost perfectly inside of each canvas bag so paint will not leak through.
  • Cover tables in newspaper and give each resident a canvas bag, a paintbrush, a paper plate and a cup of water (to wash their paintbrush in).
  • Squeeze paint (let them choose the color or colors) onto their paper plate.
  • Have them paint the stenciled designs on their bag however they choose to.
  • Make sure your stencils are big.
  • Avoid any with tiny details, these are harder to paint and stay in the lines and it is discouraging to the residents.
  • These bags are also really handy for any themed day you might be having. Try sports week, by using different football, soccer, and basketball type stencils. For spring, use flowered stencils. "Apple Day" use apple stencils. Or even stencil their names on their bags. Possibilities are endless!
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