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I Can Help
Description : -The goal of this program is to promote orientation, acceptance, and conformity, close and diffuse relationships, independence, and productivity, by Sharon Ray-Cassedy
Materials :

  • A bus to transport the residents
  • emergency forms to carry on the bus for each resident
  • One Activity Staff to go with them
  • Instructions :

  • Have a sign-up sheet available for those residents who want to participate in this tutoring program.
  • Once you have your list of volunteers, then you can formulate your activity to accommodate if need be.
  • Call a grade school, middle school or high school and see about setting up a time, about 3 hours a week for tutoring different students who need help.
  • Tell the school that you have residents who want to volunteer there to help.
  • You hardly ever get them to turn this down.
  • They (the school) will assist you in scheduling a time and place at the school for the tutoring to take place.
  • The 3.5 hours includes travel time and tutoring more than one student possibly.
  • Once the session is over then have the bus return the residents back to your facility.
  • Check on those who receive medication and make sure that they do not miss a dose while on this activity.
  • You should prepare for those residents who are wheel chaired bound, and make sure that the activity is wheel chair accessible.
  • The one thing for us to remember about community integration is that it involves relationships with others, independence in one's living situation and activities to fill one's time.
  • This activity fills all of this it provides a positive relationship with others, a kind of independence for the resident, and activity to fill their time.
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