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Scavenger Hunt
Description : -To include staff with the activities and to help the residents do something that will be rewarding by having them be the guest of honor at dinner, by Carmelita Shuster.
Materials :

Items that can be hidden and found quickly. Make a list of 10 items, such as bedpans, urinals, and other items associated with the residents.

Instructions :

  • 2 weeks prior to the activity put up a sign-up sheet and ask for staff to volunteer for the scavenger hunt on their time off.
  • At the scavenger hunt, give the staff members a list of 10 items commonly used in the facility and tell them that in order to receive free dinner with the resident they must find all items listed on the list.
  • Once all items are collected make sure that they have found each item. The staff members that find all of the hidden items then get to share dinner with the residents that evening.
  • Many staff members may not want to come in on their own time. Therefore, this activity may have to be scheduled for immediately after work and rather than dinner, it may be a snack that they share with the resident.
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