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God in music
Description : -Engage the participants in meaningful cognitive functioning; musical stimulation and a true sense belonging while also fulfilling their spiritual needs by Emile Unverzagt.
Materials :

  • Large print bibles
  • Quiet room
  • Computer
  • Itunes
  • mp3 player
  • Instructions :

  • Add some gospel music to your itunes collection then create a playlist of songs with a particular word in the title i.e. god or lord.
  • Eliminate songs that are not appropriate.
  • Then you can play these songs one at a time and discuss the songs roots with regards to the bible. Precautions:
  • Honor everyone else's beliefs, mediate a disputes and move one before any topic becomes confrontational Adaptations or Variations:
  • try a name that tune type game where you give the group some clue as to the title of the song before you start playing it. Leadership Hints:
  • Don't play the entire song unless the majority of the participants are highly involved in the music.
  • If you turn down the music slowly the group will feel as if the song came to a natural end.
  • Don't dominate conversation. You should call upon passive participants to give their input
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