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Herbs & Spices Cart
Description : -To awaken the olfactory sense, especially in less cognitive residents, and to help them reminisce and jog their memory by Noel Martinez.
Materials :

  • A rolling cart (if desired)
  • 5 distinct dried herbs/spices in plastic or reseal able containers or bags (to preserve freshness and aroma)
  • coffee beans/grounds to cleanse olfactory between herbs/spices smelled (if desired)
  • Instructions :

  • It is important to choose five herbs/spices that are somewhat commonly used in cooking.
  • If a resident desires to partake in the activity, simply allow them to smell each one individually, and allow them time to guess the name of the herb/spice, giving them clues if necessary.
  • Such clues might include for oregano, "it's used in Italian cooking. . . think of what goes in spaghetti sauce."
  • Once the resident has had the opportunity for all five guesses, let them know how many they got correct, and praise or encourage them accordingly.
  • Document accordingly, as to how many they got correct and any special advancements.
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