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Target Toss
Description : -ROM of shoulder, upper and lower arms, eye hand coordination by Donna Tenner
Materials :

  • Cardboard or wooden 2x2 target to lay on floor
  • bean bags
  • prizes/quarters for prizes
  • Instructions :

  • Place residents in a circle in chairs (wheelchairs included). Put target in middle with point markings. Have resident toss bean bag onto target getting as close to bulls eye as possible. Record score of each resident. Give prizes for hitting bull’s eye, missing the target totally, closest to point marker etc.
  • Precautions: To prevent hitting other residents with bean bag, ensure at least a foot of space between each resident and no closer to target than three feet and no farther than five feet.
  • Adaptations or Variations: Bean bags must be in good condition and no more than ½ pound in weight. Target should be easily seen by all residents.
  • Leadership Hints: Give prizes to all residents who attend. It does not have to be anymore than fifty cents. Change throwing arms each round to ensure ROM of both arms. Watch closely that residents do not lean to far forward. If need be move resident closer to target. Move resident back after each turn. Allow only one resident to toss at a time.
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