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Singing Seniors
Description : -sensory stimulation, fun, socialization and communication skills, reminisce, coordination, following directions, improve cognitive skills (reading sheet music), release of energy, sense of accomplishment, improve self-esteem, self-expression, music appreciation by Marisa Johnson
Materials :

chairs, music stand, sheet music, dry-erase board, and dry-erase markers

Instructions :

  • Begin by gaining the residents interest through flyers and signs announcing the introduction of a singing club. You could possibly have a choir group come a sing to promote the club.
  • Once you have residents that are interested, find out what type of music they would like to learn and sing (ie. Classical, Jazz, Oldies)
  • Recruit the assistance of a choir director or retired music teacher to serve as the director and devote 1 day per week with the residents.
  • Have the club meet once a week then perform once a month for the facility. The performances may be centered around the holidays or an event going on that month at the facility. Send out invitations monthly to their family members and community members. Try to seek out other venues where the club can perform as well (ie, Mall, other Senior centers, schools).
  • Every quarter try to bring in a choral group to sing, or a professional to speak to the club.
  • Design shirts for the residents to wear at their monthly performances.
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