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What's for Dinner?
Description : -Recognizing food containers or items, recalling from memory how they would have prepared the dish, or how best they like the dish prepared by Stacey Thedford.
Materials :

Food items,Pictures of food, and example food containers

Instructions :

Hold up the picture, or can/box of food. Ask the resident's what you’re holding, and ask if they like or dislike that particular food. Ask them how they would prepare it, or how they would like it prepared if they were going to fix it. Ask what it should be served with. Ask for other recipes, and see what they can remember. This game seems to make the group hungry; I have snacks ready.

  • Leadership Hints: I will tell the residents that I have no idea what to fix for dinner, and ask them for their help. This will usually bring them together, and they seem to get a kick out of the idea that I need help in the kitchen.
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