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Coin Week
Description : -During the week of April 22, celebrate National Coin Week try these great activities.
Instructions :

Coin Collector

Description :

your residents test their sense of touch with this activity.


  • Coins
  • Blindfolds
  • Directions:

  • First blindfold each resident and place 10 -15 various coin is front of them.
  • Give them the go signal and each player tries to sort out the money into stacks by denominations.
  • When a player thinks they have completed the task they yell "stop"!
  • If they are correct they win, if not the play continues.
  • Do not remove the blindfolds until you have a winner!
  • The winner gets to keep their coins for the snack/soda machine, etc.

    Penny Ante

    Description :

    -Fun and easy game to play with your residents!

    Materials :

  • 2 dice
  • Tape
  • Sharpie
  • 200 pennies

    Instructions :

  • Take one die and put tape on all sides and write the words "take" on two sides and "give" on two sides.
  • Have the residents gather around the table and give each resident 20 pennies and put the rest in the center as the pot.
  • Give both dice to the first player and have them roll.
  • Then the player will take or give the pennies from the pot!
  • Try two or three rounds and then declare the resident with the most pennies the winner!
  • Decide what kind of prize you want to give to the winner beforehand!
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