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Umbrella Day
Description : -Feb 10 is Umbrella Day so celebrate by playing Umbrella Ball and/or Umbrella Painting! Visit this website and print our some lyrics and the history of umbrellas to read to your residents
Instructions :

  • Umbrella Ball
  • Materials
  • Umbrella
  • Three balls
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Instructions
  • Have the residents sit in a circle.
  • Open up an umbrella and place it in the center of the circle upside down.
  • Give the first player 3 balls (tennis, golf, nerf, etc..).
  • Ask the player to throw each ball into the umbrella.
  • Give a point to every ball the resident successfully gets into the umbrella.
  • The first resident who gets to 10 points, wins the game.
  • Umbrella Painting
  • Materials
  • Umbrellas (smaller the better)
  • Fabric paints (various colors)
  • Chalk
  • Instructions
  • Purchase reasonably priced nylon umbrellas, one for each resident.
  • First the residents will decide on a design concept for their umbrella.
  • They may want to use chalk to outline their design onto the umbrella.
  • Then each resident will open up the umbrella and start to paint away.
  • You may need volunteers to help the resident with this project!
  • Have the residents make lady bugs, stripes, flowers, creating unique umbrellas.
  • To make this project easier get stamps allowing for easier design concepts.
  • Let dry!
  • The residents can keep the umbrellas for themselves or give them away as presents to family members.
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