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Description : -Fun card game played with four to thirteen players!
Instructions :

  • Get your deck ready by collecting 4 of a kind (or 4 of the same numbered card) for each player.
  • For example if you have 4 people playing you should have 16 cards.
  • Next, take those cards and shuffle them well and deal 4 to each player.
  • If any player has four of a kind they win automatically and redistribute the cards.
  • If no player has four of a kind then each player passes one card to the left.
  • The play continues until any player gathers four of a kind.
  • Pigs - when a player does not pass a card but instead quietly makes a pig snort with his/her finger to his/her nose. Each player must notice and make the snort and the last player to make the snort must deal for the next game.
  • Spoons-have a pile of spoons in the middle of the table. 1st player to get a four of a kind grabs a spoon. The player left without a spoon deals for the next game.
  • Any theme � You can play this game with any theme! If it is Halloween call it ghost and the player must say boo!!! If it is Christmas play Santa and each player must say HO HO HO!
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