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Pitching Pennies
Description : -Pitching Pennies is a great fund raiser to promote team-work amongst your staff members. This fund raiser can also be used as an arts and crafts activity for the residents.
Materials :

  • 3 one gallon jugs
  • Decorations for the jugs
  • Donated prize for the winning shift
  • Instructions :

  • The goal of this fund raiser is a race for each shift to collect the most pennies.
  • Have the residents decorate three, one gallon jugs and set up all the jugs in staff room.
  • Decide on a time limit for this fund raiser.
  • When the pennies are tallied the shift with the most pennies wins a prize like a big staff pizza party, ice cream party, or tickets to movie matinĂ©es.
  • It is important that before you start this fund raiser that you find someone to donate the prizes.
  • Once the fund raiser is over, enlist your residents to help you roll up all the pennies to cash at the bank.
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