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Watercolor Waves
Description : -This is a great sensory stimulation activity.
Materials :

  • Plain white paper
  • Water
  • Paint brushes
  • Watercolor paints
  • Aprons or other protective clothing
  • Newspapers
  • Hand washing supplies
  • Soft, relaxing music in the background
  • Instructions :

  • Assemble your group around a table covered with newspapers or other protective covering. Assist painters with aprons. These can be made from kitchen trash bags (cut across the bottom and up one side, and tied around the neck).
  • Brush water onto the paper (in the section about you are about to work on).
  • Dip brush into water and then the watercolors. Apply to the wet paper. The paints will bleed into each other making soft, muted designs.
  • Hang to dry and iron if needed. Note:Allow your Alzheimer's residents to become familiar with the objects they will be using. Let them hold the paintbrushes and practice with them on dry paper. Identify the paint colors and discuss what the colors might be used for. Praise and encourage each participant for their art work and always thank them for joining the activity.
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